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Now is the time to submit your entry for the Best Digital Deed of the Year competition 2022!

The Best Digital Deed of the Year competition for 2022 is now underway. The aim of the competition is to highlight digital services or solutions that significantly benefit their users in their work, business or society as a whole and contribute to sustainable development. The competition is open to businesses and public administrations.

The Best Digital Deed of the Year competition highlights companies and other organisations that have come up with creative ways to use digitalisation to make the world a better place in some way. The solution may be big or small, and may involve modernising processes, improving the quality of work or service, increasing efficiency, or perhaps creating a better working environment.

The competition is open to smart digital deeds that were put into action between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021. Submit your Deeds before 11 September.

What is a good digital deed? 

The Best Digital Deed of the Year competition 2022 recognises digital solutions that have had a positive impact on a company or other organisation and their operations. No deed is too small to be considered, so don’t hesitate: put your own digital deed in the running by entering today! An innovative digital deed can be related to any of the following topics: 

User experience 

Exceeding expectations in the digital workplace, facilitating collaboration, improving the employer image. 

Work or study environment 

Bold, beneficial new ideas related to artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things in the work or learning environment. Virtual reality, analytics, measurement and optimisation. 


Harnessing the benefits of the internet and data security, cloud and data centre solutions, continuous services and expert services. 

Customer experience 

Developing technology platforms and IT infrastructure to improve the use of data and enhance the customer experience. 

Benefits of digitalisation 

Creating a more environmentally friendly workplace, and a working culture that fosters digitalisation, skills management and collaboration. 

Finalists selected by prestigious jury

The finalists will be selected by a panel of distinguished judges who will pay particular attention to the following merits of the entries:

  • The digital deed has had a positive impact on the operations of the company or other organisation, or brought about savings in costs and time by eliminating manual steps.
  • The digital deed has helped the company or other organisation to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and to boost sustainable development.
  • The digital deed makes use of modern ways of working, electronic processes, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, optimises energy use or supply chain management, or helps to reduce the environmental or climate impact of IT infrastructure.

The winning initiative will be the one that the panel thinks has made the most creative and productive use of digitalisation and most significantly promotes sustainable development. There are two competition categories: one for the private sector and one for public administration. Entries can be submitted by 11 September 2022, and the jury will select the finalists by the end of September. The winners will be decided by a public vote that is open to all, and voting takes place right here – so stay tuned to this website! The winners will be announced and awarded at the Atea Focus gala on 3 November 2022 at Messukeskus fair and convention centre in Helsinki.

Introducing the competition jury

The jury is made up of widely acknowledged experts and advocates for digitalisation in their respective fields. The judges will meet after the application period closes to select three finalists for each of the two categories.

Outi Valkama
Project Manager, City of Tampere 

Outi Valkama is leading the City of Tampere’s new smart city project, which will be launched in 2022, and will also work on the City of Tampere’s Tampere Junior development programme, which aims to reduce disparity between children and young people in different parts of the city. The project will help the municipality and its stakeholders to make better use of real-time data through artificial intelligence, and will expand knowledge-based management to the regional level.  

Benjamin Särkkä
Director of Cybersecurity Services, Loihde Trust 

The founder of the Disobey hacker event, Benjamin Särkkä is best known as a white-hat hacker, one of the good guys looking for data security threats. In 2020, Särkkä was chosen by the IT platform Tivi as its influencer of the year due to his efforts in making people think about data security and promoting awareness of it and its status in Finnish society as a whole. 

Janne Tägtström
Managing Director of Cisco, Finland and the Baltic countries 

Janne Tägtström is Cisco’s Managing Director for Finland and the Baltic countries. He combines a deep understanding of the capabilities, architectures and technologies required by digitalisation with a desire to continuously learn and develop the company’s operations and people-centric solutions. Tägtström is keenly focused on innovation and challenging existing practices, collaboratively and with a little positive friction. 

Motto: together we are more 


Marianne Heikkilä

Marianne Heikkilä
Executive Director The Martha Organisation 

Marianne Heikkilä is a Helsinki-based pastor and organisational leader, Executive Director of the Martha Organisation, and editor-in-chief of the organisation’s magazine. She chairs the Ministry of Finance’s ‘Digi arkeen’ (digitalisation for everyday life) advisory board, which aims to be a channel for cooperation and dialogue between non-governmental organisations, researchers, various authorities and the Ministry of Finance, which is in charge of the digitalisation of public services. Heikkilä also sits on the boards of a number of organisations and foundations, including Sininauha Oy, Parisuhdekeskus Kataja, Suomen Mentorit, Väestönsuojelusäätiö, the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, Lähitapiola and the Finnish Association for Children and Youth LNK. She also co-founded Vauvanpäivä, and is vice-chair of the Consumers’ Union of Finland and serves on the Lauttasaari parish council. Heikkilä is also a non-fiction writer, lecturer and blogger. She mentors young people in the world of work and has been pastor in charge of youth work in the Hakunila district of Vantaa, director of communications in the Church Resources Agency and director of Finn Church Aid’s activities in Finland. Heikkilä was also one of the founders of the Finnish chapter of the Women’s Bank in 2007, an organisation that aims to help safeguard the livelihoods of women in developing countries and promote women’s rights, entrepreneurship and inclusion. 


Harri Junttila
Editor in Chief, Alma Talent technology and ICT magazines 

Editor in chief Harri Junttila has followed the Finnish IT and technology sector as a journalist for more than twenty years. Before becoming editor in chief of Alma Talent’s technology-themed magazines in 2020, he held various journalistic positions at Tivi, Mediuutiset and Talouselämä, among others. He was the editor in chief of the Tekniikka&Talous publication from 2011 to 2019. Junttila has also acted as a coach for Startup Sauna, among other things. He is involved in the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Science and Innovation Committee of the Technology Academy Finland, and the organising committee of the Millennium Innovation Forum 2022. 


Masa Peura
Senior Vice President of Everyday Banking at OP Financial Group

Masa Peura is an expert in digitalisation in the financial sector. He is in charge of retail finance at OP Vähittäisasiakkaat Oyj, a subsidiary of OP Financial Group, and is also Senior Vice President of the group’s Everyday Banking operations and a member of its executive team.

Peura has six years of experience in the financial sector under his belt, and more than a decade of experience in the media sector, including the position of head of strategy and digital operations at Sanoma. Peura has had a hand in several growth businesses over the years, and has been involved in around 20 mergers and acquisitions. He currently serves on the board of directors of Exove, and has previously served on the boards of nine other companies.


Atea Finlandin toimitusjohtaja Juha Sihvonen

Juha Sihvonen
Managing Director of Atea Finland Oy

Juha Sihvonen is Managing Director of Atea Finland Oy, and is passionate about the opportunities offered by digitalisation, strategic management and organisational development. Under his leadership, Atea has grown into a comprehensive IT solutions provider that helps customers on their digital journey.

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