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Do you also love coding and AI?

At Atea we are a big group of people working with coding and AI and making every workday better than the previous one through our digital solutions. We love to see people succeed and believe that continuous development is what makes Atea TP2B for our personnel, customers and partners. Learn more about our different teams and roles and find out if you are our next team-mate!

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Modern Software Development

Our software development team is all about finding smooth solutions that will facilitate, automate and speed up our customers’ processes. Our software development is always business-oriented, so that we can offer our customers great results, whether it's renewing existing systems or building a completely new solution.

Thanks to our business partnerships and comprehensive customer projects, we can offer our experts great variety in responsibilities and the possibility to work in various constellations, for example in teams and as a consultant. The team regularly takes part in courses and trainings to make sure we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Since many of the digital solutions we provide are tailor-made, continuous development is ensured.

Our roles

Our team consists of System Developers, Technical Managers, Designers, Business Data Consultants, Senior System Developers, Technology Strategists, DevOps specialists, Project Managers and Scrum Masters.

Competences and technologies

Curious in our competences and the technologies we use? Have a look!

What we do
  • System development​
  • Architecture​
  • Service design, UI/UX design​
  • Web apps and mobile apps (Android & iOS)
  • Rapid prototyping (an interactive app demo)
  • Planning & resourcing: Helping the customer to find the right Developer, Designer, Scrum Master or tester to work either remotely or on-site.
  • Project management: Making sure the project stays on track, on schedule and on budget.
  • DevOps & architecture
  • Integration development
  • Robotic process automation

Analytics and Optimization

The Analytics & Optimization team helps businesses and organizations to achieve greatness and success through data-driven solutions. We cover the gap between data and business needs. We are focused on delivering advanced and innovative analytics and machine learning solutions. We do this by providing high-end consulting services and tailored software solutions.

Our team thrives on being dynamic and innovative, placing great importance on collaboration, creativity, and finding joy in our work. Our customers operate in various business areas, such as financial, manufacturing and HR.

Our roles

Our team consists of Data Architects, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, BI Developers and Business Data Consultants. What we all have in common is the analytical mindset, the genuine interest in data and how to use data in various businesses, as well as the ability to easily comprehend complex entireties.

Competences and technologies

Curious in our competences and the technologies we use? Have a look!

What we do
  • Machine-learning solutions for different business uses such as client segmentation, developing BI reports (data modelling, visualizations)​ and BI Governance.
  • Locating, analysing, and verifying.
  • Spotting trends and areas for client purposes.
  • Developing KPI:s that identify critical business development for our clients.
  • Managing BI projects from start to finish.
  • Meetings with involved stakeholders to present findings that support decision-making.
  • Working with data analytics tools and visualization platforms.
  • Supporting and collaborating with colleagues on a daily basis.
  • Guarantying security and confidentiality of all material related to BI operations.


Get to know Mattias Berg, Architect and André Nyman, Data Scientist

Who are you?

Apart from my computer engineering studies in Turku I have lived all my life in Ostrobothnia. I was probably around ten if not younger when I started using a computer for the first time. Back then diskettes were not just a 3d printed save icon but actually floppy. It only made sense to keep following what interested me in my later studies and now at work.

What is your job title and what are you currently working on?

I currently have the title of IT Architect but my work revolves around many different topics. A year ago I had the role of Scrum Master helping to facilitate value creation with ten other teams using Scaled Agile Framework. Today I am part of a team setting up a multi-cluster environment utilizing some of the latest buzzwords in today's DevOps scene.

What are the things you like about your job and/or your team?

Change, improvement, and the sense of moving forward by accomplishing something.

What kind of interests and hobbies do you have in your free time?

While most of my free time currently goes to house building my interests come and go, it used to be cryptocurrencies but now it has moved to electric cars and who knows where it will be in the future. The one thing that has stayed for a longer time though is gaming and I don't see that moving away in the short term.


Who are you?

I finished my master's studies in Economics at Ă…bo Akademi University in 2021 and that is also when I started working full time for Atea. During my bachelor-level studies I worked with credit scoring models, using machine learning techniques in R and Python. It was during this time that I found a great interest for storytelling with data and AI. Via my contacts at the university I got a recommendation to start working at Atea, further delving into data-based storytelling.

One of my main interests is macro- and microeconomic modelling. I am currently working on DSGE-models and other quantitative models to explore business cycle fluctuations: their causes and effects in economic systems with stochastic shocks. More specifically, the model I am currently working on applies behavioural aspects to the DSGE-literature in a Finnish environment with fiscal policy and open economy dynamics. These models also require data-based storytelling, which ties into my current work at Atea.

What is your job title and what are you currently working on?

My job title is Data Scientist. My current projects include waste management and recycling, inventory estimation, financial reporting, portfolio reporting and website traffic analysis. In recycling I am visualizing important KPIs and targets for municipalities in Finland, building automated reports in PBI that uses municipality-specific data to showcase trends and targets for key decisionmakers. These figures guide policymakers in reaching recycling-related targets such as the material recycling percentage of the total waste amount. Generally, my projects involve data exploration, analytics and visualization in Power BI, Excel and Python. In these projects I have been able to use my skills in data analysis, storytelling with data, finance and model simulation.

What are the things you like about your job and/or your team?

I truly enjoy problem solving, analysis and storytelling with data. All of these dimensions are included in my current work, and since I work with multiple customers and projects, the themes and problems we, as a team, face are colourful and varying. This environment provides ample opportunity to grow as a quantitative analyst. Furthermore, I work in a forward-looking team that is always able to provide solutions and keep projects moving forward. This attitude in parallel with the positive spirit of the team and a supportive environment makes it easy and fun to work at Atea.

What kind of interests and hobbies do you have in your free time?

I love studying and working with quantitative modelling techniques and simulation. So, in my spare time I research these subjects as a side-hobby. Beyond that I have recently really gotten into Formula 1 and I was also able to try out some karting, which was extremely fun. Other interests include history, gaming (anything from Formula 1 to story-based games and RPGs) and going for runs in the Finnish forests with my dogs.

Open positions

We are always looking for new stars to join us. If you would like to be part of our TP2B community, have a look at our open positions or fill in an open application, we look forward to hearing from you!




Women in IT Path

At Atea we believe that the best ideas are born from diversity and creativity. That’s why we are constantly looking for more women and non-binary persons to join us. Check out this page (in Finnish) and learn what our female colleagues have to say about working at Atea!

Meet our people

Petteri Halonen, Head of Solution Sales & Offering, IM Offering & Solutions, has been with Atea since 2017. He is passionate about meeting people and developing customers' business through information management.

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Change is rarely easy, but according to Mikko Vesin, Director, Information Management, the opportunities created by changes are at the center of business. The work community, teamwork and the humor are at the heart of a good working day.


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