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Cloud Intelligence Service and DRaaS on VMware

Atea Cloud Intelligence Service (CIS) ensures getting the most out of multi-cloud infrastructure. It does this by connecting all the data streams and producing insightful reporting of cloud activity, costs, performance and other fundamental cloud metrics.

Having the ability to integrate with a private data center as well as any public cloud platform in a single cloud-based portal, CIS allows to align all company data in relation to one another. Making it easier than ever to take data-driven actions on cloud infrastructure. Disaster Recovery is, one way or another, a fundamental function for organizations as business needs to run and production needs to produce. In todays virtualized datacenters data protection is rather easy but that´s just data protection. With business needs and demands raising business protection is getting more and more complicated.

Welcome to Atea's webinar to hear more about this solution and its use cases.

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  • Lars Erik Wallberg, Service Owner, Atea Sweden
  • Jonas Emilsson, Concept Manager, Hybrid Platforms, Atea Sweden
  • Tommi Tietäväinen, Head of Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Offering, Atea Finland
19/1 2021, 09.00 - 10.30
Viimeinen ilmoittautumispäivä
18/1 2021
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